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dark bumpy spot on my dog paw

About five weeks ago or so, my dog got on her front paw something like a bump. It was itching her and in fact she finally bit off the crusty part of the itchy spot with the hair.
The skin looked a little inflamed, however she stopped biting it and it seemed like the spot wasn't bothering her anymore.
I was hoping for the spot to go away but it never did, and it got darker instead. Now some hair are starting to grow back.
I attached here two photos, one is right after she bit off the hair (the day after she got the spot) when the spot was a lighter color, and the other one is how it looks now.
Her skin I believe should be a very pale color. I looked in fact around the area of the dark spot and it does look a light color under the hair.
What that can be? She looks overall okay... the only thing it could be her itching all over, but she've done that since we got her.
(My dog's name is Billie and she is a rescued dog. She looks like a rat terrier/pincher, she is about 8 months old).
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Where are the photos?  

Since your dog is only 8 months old and the lesion is very itchy, my guess is that it is a histiocytoma.  Histiocytoma's are benign skin masses which will usually resolve on their own without the need for surgery, however, it takes 3 months for them to resolve. To be definitive it would be best to have either a fine needle aspirate or a biopsy of the lesion performed by your veterinarian.

If your dog is always itchy she probably has some allergies also.  Give her Omega 3 Fatty Acids for now, but eventually this issue may also require veterinary help.
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thank you very much for your answer and advices.
I thought I had attached the photos with the post, I guess it didn't work... however, you can view them here: http://s731.photobucket.com/albums/ww317/thebionicdog/?action=view&current=1-2.jpg
The bump came out suddenly... Billie was playing in the back yard with another dog and later I noticed that bump on her paw. We thought a spider or insect might have bit her so I put neosporin on it.
The day after Billie did not care for the bump anymore, she never licked it since, and so I thought that it would've got better...
I guess I'll take her to the vet then.
Hope you can view the photos.
Thanks again so much for you kind reply and help.
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I still cannot view the photos, but let us know what the vet finds.  Thanks!

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