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dog killing herself b/c of anxiety

I've had my loving beautiful chow/lab mix for going on 8 years.  She's been my center of life and I can seriously say she's as near to perfect as anyone could imagine.  She developed a benign tumor on her rear and had to undergo an ultra sound, much blood work and surgery.  Now she's fully recovered.  The problem is...the whole experience was so traumatic to her that whenever I am out of her sight, she has a panic attack and tries to escape the home. She started tunneling through the walls to get out when I'd leave for work.  I put her in the back yard and she ate holes in the fence to run and look for me.  I put her downstairs and she ate through the doors.  I bought a good large steel cage and filled it with goodies and she bent the bars with her mouth and eventually ate enough bars to get out.  She's hurt herself badly on multiple ocassions during her escape missions.  Melatonin was prescribed but isn't helping one bit.  Help!
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Your dog has separation anxiety.
I would try a combination of fluoxetine (generic prozac) and behavioral modification.
Bark Busters can help you with the training and there # is 8005002275.
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