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dog not acting himself

Our dog has been acting strangely for the past couple of days. He is laing around (usually he is playfull and energetic, he loves to play catch with his bowl, obsessive about it) But recently he has stopped wanting to play, Sluggish, walking with tail down, Yelps if you try and pick him up. We first noticed this behavior 3 days ago. Noticed he hadn't taken a bowel movement so we looked online for what could be causing it and there was a site which talked about Beneful dog food and it's connection with the death or sickness with dogs who had eatten it. Our dog eats beneful. Online it said to try giving dog milk to work the bowels, which we did and it worked. He went poo and even seemed to be a little energetic again. Again today he is acting funny , didn't poo, so we gave him more milk and walked him, he went poo but this time his behavior didn't get any better. He yelps if you try and pick him up and he just isn't acting himself... Laying around, walking slowly... What could be wrong? Should we be concerend? What should we do?
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His problem could be impacted anal glands, invertebral disk disease (spinal issues) or other problem.

Please take him to the vet since impacted anal glands can be painful and if not expressed for a long enough period of time can abscess.  Disk disease, if severe can cause paralysis.  Lyme and other tick borne diseases can cause subtle problems also.

Change his food to a grain free, organic, holistic brand.  Use only 1/3 of the total as dry and 2/3 canned or home-made.  Evo/Innova, Wellness, California Naturals, Natures Variety are some good brands, but perform a google search, since there are 100's of good ones.  P.S.: Rice is a grain.
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