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feline URI

I believe my cat has an upper respiratory infection. She has gradually been losing her voice (which is now completely gone) for 3 days now, as well as coughing up phlegm. Just today she has been refusing her food.

I recently moved a new kitten in, and haven't been able to get her shots yet. My cat has most likely caught something the new kitten was carrying.

I'm unable to see the vet until Sat. (I also plan on having the kitten vaccinated on this day as well).

My question is, will waiting another day be OK? I'm extremely worried about my cat and I'm scared that Sat. will be too late. If I absolutely have to, I'm willing to  take her to emergency care, but only if she cannot afford to wait another day. Unfortunately I haven't the biggest bank account, and emergency care here is extremely expensive. But, as i stated before, I will do whatever is necessary if you believe she needs to be seen immediately.

Thank you for your time.
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A cat that will not eat for whatever reason is a candidate for a disease called hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease).  Hepatic Lipidosis may be more serious than the original cause of the inappetance, and may be more difficult to treat than the instigating disease.

However, upper respiratory infections can lead to bronchitis or pneumonia and can be serious all by themselves.  

Therefore, since your cat has lost her voice, is coughing up phlegm and refusing her food she could have bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis etc., and could be at risk for hepatic lipidosis I advise you to try and get her to the veterinarian ASAP.  
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