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female german shepard cancer

I have a german shepard female, six years old. This winter we noticed a tumor size of an egg on one of her breasts. We stalled with operation due to cold, it seems now that we stalled for to long. She was operated a bit more than two months ago. The tumor was huge, but it was said to us that it seemed benine, and ther was no histology analyses taken. Ther was no bigger problems in the post-op, except one of her stiches broke and the wound couldn’t heal in that part. A few week ago she started to have trouble moving, it seemed as if she is in pain in the region of the scar. Now she is moving  very little, my vet diagnosed her with metastasis, he wasn’t sure at first dough he though it is just the swelling from the scar. She bearly moves now and there is a sweling around the scar.
I feel terribly guilty. Is there anything I can do to help her, is there anything more that can be done to save her. I would be most greatfull for any kind of help or advice.
Thank you in advance.
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Sorry to hear the bad news. Unfortunately even the brightest and best veterinarian cannot promise a mass is benign without sending it out for analysis be a specialist. I think that may be where the initial error lay. Even if it was confirmed previously as malignant, likely little could have been done other then you being more prepared. Likely this is a mammary carcinoma (breast cancer) and treatment success is difficult to predict. These cancers are commonly seen in dogs who are not spayed at 6 months old. By spaying them at a young age you essentially remove any chance at all at breast cancr, as well as other reproductive based illnesses.
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Is there anything that can be done now?
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Is there anything that can be done now?
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