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house breaking

whats thebet way to house break a dog?
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•First of all, buy a crate.  Be sure it’s the right size:  it should be large enough for comfort, but not too big because your puppy will sleep at one end and use the other end for his business.  If you get an airline-approved crate, you can also use it like a mobile home when you’re traveling.  You might be able to find a crate with an adjustable divider and slide the divider back as your puppy grows.

•Puppies need to go outside when they wake up, after every meal, and before bedtime.  Most puppies eliminate within the first hour after eating.  They should be fed two to three times each day, at the same time.  Food should be left out for 20 to 30 minutes, and the last meal should be finished five hours before bedtime.

•Take your puppy out on a leash through the same door to the same spot every time, and when he does his business, reward him with praise.  If your puppy does not eliminate when you take him outside, bring him inside, put him in his crate for 15 minutes, and repeat the procedure until you achieve success.  At that point, when you bring him in don’t put him back in his crate.  Confine your puppy to a relatively small, safe area of your home and provide constant supervision until your puppy is completely house trained.

•If you have to leave your puppy at home alone each day for several hours, restrict him to a larger area like a small room or a playpen.  This area should provide enough space for sleeping and eating.  Several feet away, place papers at the elimination site.

I hope this information is helpful

Dr Carol Osborne DVM
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