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large pus filled lump on dogs leg

My 12 yr old husky cross had a huge bump on her inner thigh today. It had a large white head on it. my bf got gause and peroxide and popped it and cleaned it. He said it still feels like that is stuff in it, and the area around the bump is swollen. She seems normal, no pain at all not even when touching the area. She was swimming today, running around, playing, rolling the grass and she is eating, urinating, and pooping just fine. Did we do the right thing by popping and cleaning whatever this is? we plan on taking her to the vet if the swelling gets worse or if its not better within a  few days. Is there anything we should do to help the healing?
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Popping the abscessed lesion on your dogs leg relieved the pain due to the swelling of the skin and allowed the abscess to drain, which is something that your vet would have done under more sterile conditions.  

If you already know that the cause of the abscess is due to a traumatic wound, than oral antibiotics is probably all that is additionally required.  However, if you don't know how the lesion came about it really would be best to consult your vet to prevent a recurrence or worsening condition.  For instance, If the lesion was due to a bite wound of unknown origin she should get a Rabies vaccine booster, or it could be the result of a dermal mass that has become necrotic and may require a biopsy, among other possibilities.   So please consult your vet for the most optimal outcome.
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hello I believe that you did the right thing. But if it feels like there is something still in there . There might be a core and it will continue to fill up. You should try to get her antibiotics though. Just to help her heal. If it did not hurt her it could of been an absess of some king. I would also try and put antibac ointment on it and maybe wrap it at night so she wont lick it off. It is imporant to try and keep it as clean as possible. Good luck and if it gets worse please bring her to the vet.

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thank you. It did come to a head 1 last time, nd popped on its own. We cleaned it once again and it seems to be getting better.
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