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liver cancer alternatives

I am actually giving my dog liver support drops and maritime pine bark that an herbalist recomended. Do you have any other suggestions for that may help his liver cancer? I know lots of people think I need to put my dog down, but he does not appear to be ill on certain days. Again, his only symptom is occasional lethargy and ascites.
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PolyMVA (available from polymva.com)
Neoplasene, or bloodroot extract
Hoxsey Formula with Boneset
Stasis Breaker (available from Jing Tang Herbal Company with a prescription)
Max Formula (available from Jing Tang Herbal Company with a prescription)
Essiac tea
Turmeric spice (1/4 tsp per 10 pounds)
Si Miao San if there are any GI problems (available from any Chinese herbal company)
Mushroom extracts
Diet containing no grains or carbs except some juiced broccoli, Kale, garlic, ginger, and Goji berries.  Some organ meat, fish, tofu and cottage cheese, in addition to other meats preferable raw if not on chemotherapy or radiation, but sauted if on chemo.

Acupuncture treatments also help.
All of the above would best be done under a veterinarian's care.  If you can't find a holistic vet, most of the above are available online and can be used at the same dose and frequency as an adult human for a large breed dog.  Your dog is a Golden correct?

Please let me know if I be of further assistance.  I know how frustrating this can be!
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