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my cat was just diagnosed w lymphoma

hello--my 10 year old cat was just diagnosed w lymphoma (though, we still are not sure if it is small cell or large cell). we're told the next step is a bone marrow asparate and then chemo. i do not feel right about chemo, seems so aggressive. i have always been more interested in a holistic approach. can you advise me on what we can do for my dearheart that does not include chemo? can we forego the bone marrow test (these tests are so traumatic for her)?

she is eating fine (wet food only), has lost weight, but is perky and attentive. she is a bit depressed and sleeping alot. i'm told about wormwood and clove, feeding her baby food, missing link, colastrum....not sure which way to turn. i want to help my baby the best way i can. any imput is greatly appreciated.
thanks very much, jennifer
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I am very sorry about your sad news!  

Out of all the cancer's out there Lymphoma has one of the best cure, or remission rates with chemotherapy of all the common cancers.

Holistic therapy can also be helpful.

It would be best find a holistic veterinarian who is familiar with acupuncture, herbs and other treatments to help you with an appropriate protocol for your cat.  I would not do this on your own.  A holistic vet could perform acupuncture, which is an integral part of the treatment along with supplying your cat with herbs and supplements.  Please search for a holistic vet at AHVMA.com or Chi institute or just do a google search.

Colostrum, Missing Link, Probiotics such as I-Flora, Culturelle, or Rx-Biotic are all excellent adjuncts for your cat.  All wet food is great, but a home cooked diet is even better.  It should be 75% protein and 25% green veges, mushrooms, and berries if your cat finds them palatable.  A bit of garlic and turmuric (the yellow spice in curry) is also helpful. Other important supplements include: Vitamin C, Viamin E, Vitamin K, and melatonin.

Holistic chemotherapy agents include: Poly MVA, Neoplasene (bloodroot extract), Hoxsey formula and many Chinese herbal formula's.

The chemotherapy agents can have lots of side-effects and need to be given in a very safe manner, often with other medications to eliminate such side-effects as inappetance or nausea.
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thank you for you response...very helpful...
can you recommend any holistic vet's in the nyc area? i agree, i do not want to do this on my own...not fair for my sweet girl.
any referrals and other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
best regards,
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