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my dog is sick and we cant figure out why...

I have a golden retriever who is about ten years old. He became very ill very suddenly this morning. I was attempting to give him a treat when i noticed one of his eyes was moving randomly. It kept rolling into the back of his head. He then suddenly dropped to the ground and began what we believe is having a seizure. He then pottied on himself. Once the seizure was over, he was unable to walk and was breathing very heavily. I immediately took him to an emergency vet's office, but they are not sure what has caused him to become to ill. After blood tests and x rays...i was told his white blood cell count was extremely low. The dr. said he has the symptoms of a dog who has been through chemotherapy.  I am desperate for some kind of answers. Has anyone else heard of anything like this? He is an inside dog and was perfectly healthy until this. please please please let me know if anyone has any suggestions.
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I have listed a few diseases that cause very low WBC's.  This list is by no means complete and is simply a guideline.  I hope your vet can give you an answer soon!

1.  Infectious Canine Hepatitis, or parvovirus if your dog was not vaccinated, or failed to develop antibodies to these diseases despite vaccination.

2.  Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis or other tick borne    disease.

3.  Ingestion of some toxins such as the periwinkle plant.

4.  Canine leishmaniasis, which is another insect transmitted disease (this is a rare disease and may be difficult to diagnose)

There are some myeloproliferative cancers that produce leukopenia (low WBC's), but these can also cause other components of the blood to be low.

Good luck!
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