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my dogs not eating

I have a 10 year old toy poodle, up untill around the 8th of Jan she showed no signs of being sick she was in heat at this time... She was and had for about a week been drinking excessive amounts of water, when she did get sick it was after she had drank so much she threw up right after drinking but it was all water nothing else was in it.. she threw up one other time after that when she had drank water and there was bits of her dog food with it...She was only sick like that for one day.. After that she laid around and barely moved and when she did it was to get a drink of water and she drank excessivly and she didnt even want to go outside she use to play alot and jump up on the couch to lay down with me play with her treats but all she did at this time was lay and sleep she actually acted like she was dying to me.
The vet gave her an antibiotic shot and antibiotic pills she was in heat and he thought she may have a uterine infection. Returned the next day for blood work to check for uterine infection, diabeties and kidney function. Doing the course of taking the antibiotics she began to improve some wanting to kinda play alittle and wanting to go outside on her own without having to be picked up and taken out. Her stool sample showed she had hook worms the blood work ruled out diabeties ,he said her kidney function was normal. She acts alittle better, but she is not eating like she was before she got sick. She may eat here and there but its very little.  He did check her teeth and said for her age they were in good shape.
Can the worms and the meds have an effect on her not eating.She wants to play at times and she jumps and down when it is time to go outside the only thing i notice is when she is sleeping she makes a muffled like coughing sound like one would make with your mouth closed..almost like a clearing of the throat kinda thing but muffled.
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The uterine  infection is called a pyometra.  This is a serious uterine infection.  Did your vet do abdominal X-Rays to check her uterus?  Your dog may need long term antibiotic therapy or may even need to be spayed to clear up a bad pyometra.  The increased drinking is a classic sign of pyometra.  I am very happy that her blood work is good and that she has no other organ problems, it also means that she is a good candidate for surgery.  These quiescent pyometra's can lie dormant for a while but may later flare up again.  I really don't think that the hookworm infection or antibiotics are causing the problem.  I think that she has not returned to normal yet because her uterus is still infected, and that either the antibiotic has not been given for a long enough period of time, or it is not the correct antibiotic or that she may need to get spayed.

Pyometra definately causes decreased eating but she may also have an upper respiratory condition that causes the cough.  The cough could be anything from kennel cough to heart disease to heart worm disease to lung cancer and more.  A chest X-Ray might be a good idea and can help rule out heart disease, lung disease and lung cancer.  A simple blood test would rule out heart worm disease.
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