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nasal SCC; image diagnostics

Thanks for your good help.

History; Symptoms:

Cat about 10 yrs old. Periodic sneezing and serous nasal discharge for years. Also reverse coughing.

Recently had almost all teeth extracted and remaining few cleaned.

Nasal test swabs were done for Chlamydia, Herpes, Calci-all negative

Punch biopsy of nare tumor was scc early stage-either prestage or stage I

X-rays taken of head-nasal cavities showed calcification, whatever that means. I have not seen the
xrays, but can probably get them. Vet does not know if cat has cancer in nasal passages or elsewhere.

Decision must be made to either do surgery on nose or let it be and eventually put cat to sleep when
nasal erosion gets bad. So far gone about 6 months with little progression of tumor.

Cat's sneezing goes away temporarily on antibiotics; is always clear snot-not purulent.


Is there any test that can be done or other significant x-ray signs that might tell me if the cancer
has spread? We also found a very small free floating nodule of about 1 mm in his hind quarters.

Cat's appetite is somewhat depressed and has had problems with constipation which are under control
using oils/small amount of metamucil added to his food. Feeding high quality canned food mixed with water.

Currently treating with 50-100 mg Vit C ascorbate, silymarin drops,fish oil, mutivitamin added to his food.

Any other suggestions on treatment? Mostly I need to know what is causing the sinusitis and if that is
some cancerous process. Any way to estimate tumor progession time on the nare and when he will
eventually have to be put down if surgery is not done?

Thanks for your kind help.

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The best diagnostic procedure for your cat would be a CT Scan or an MRI.  Your cat would have to be anaesthetised for either procedure which should not be a problem since she has had a recent dentistry.  The MRI or CT scan would be the best way to determine if the lesion can be surgically excised with wide margins.

If you are interested in a herbal or holistic protocol please post again and I would be glad to give you a list that may help.  Of course it is best to do this under the supervision of a veterinarian .
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