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nose bleeding and swelling o forehead

i have a labrador 5 years old.He is having a problem since the last one and half months.He is having a swelling on the right side of his forehead and also there is bleeding from the right nostril.we had taken him to a vet and initially he got 2 X-rays done but nothing was clear so he suspected that it may be due to some injury and trauma.He gave him anti-biotic amd anti-swelling injetions for 10 days everyday but there is no improvement as such. Also during the course of treatment he developed a protrusion/some boil sort of thing on the right side of his face and due to it and the swelling up this protrusion his right eye has also got closed.The vet punctured this boil sort of thing to take out  any discharge or pus if present.initiallt one day some fluid came out but now it is swelled up and there is no fluid/pus in it and our dogs eye is closed due to swelling.the medication continues but not uch effect as such. Our dog does.nt seem lathargic for going on walks and seems fine but in home he is lathargic and seems to be in discomfort .also he takes out wheezing sounds sometimes while walking. He also had a minor injury on his right knee which is 2-3 months old and has not got healed inspite of putting ointments and all.Also after such a long dosage of antibiotics it should have healed by now but no such luck.Help me i,ve changed 2 vets and am in consultation with one more but there treatment is same and i,m worried about my pet.
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I am sorry about your poor dog!

The boil that you have described sounds like a draining tract from a granuloma or abscess.  Serious infections that cause severe swelling and draining tracts can be due to a foreign body that has entered through the nostril and migrated via the sinus's to your dog's forehead or through a penetrating wound into your dog's forehead and knee.  They can also occur from many bacterial, or fungal infections.  

Since your dog has been on antibiotics already with no improvement than,  
1.  the infection is not a bacterial infection, or,
2.  the wrong antibiotic was given, or,
3.  the correct antibiotic was given at too low a dose or for too short a duration.  

If it is not a bacterial infection than it could be a fungal infection.  Common fungal infections that cause granuloma's and draining tracts include: Cryptococcosis, Nocardiosis, Coccidioidomycosis, Histoplasmosis, Aspergillosis, and others.  I don't know where you are writing from but some of these infections are regional and others are worldwide.  

It would be best to identify the infection with a biopsy and a fungal, aerobic and anaerobic culture and sensitivity from an uncontaminated sample.  Then the correct anti-infective can be started immediately.  Some of the fungal infections require oral anti-fungal medication for months to years!  But, once treated should not create any more problems for your dog.

Granuloma's often must be surgically removed.  That abscess you described may need debridement and deep flushing, or surgery.

Lastly,  there is one more cause for the lesion you have described and unfortunately it is cancer of the dermal tissues such as Squamous Cell Carcinoma.  A biopsy is necessary to for definitive determination.

Please give us an update when you can!
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