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oral cancer and holistic tx

My 10 year old dog had an oral tumor removed and biopsied. I was told it was a fibrosarcoma tumor. The vet thinks she may have gotten it all but isn't certain and said that if we wanted to go to a cancer center we could have chemo-therapy and possibly have most of the jaw removed to be on the safe side. Are there other, less intrusive ways to help our dog fight off any re-occurrence of cancer?
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Radiation therapy is more effective than chemotherapy in many fibrosarcoma's, especially those of low grade. Wide and complete excision of the tumor is necessary for the best prognosis.  MRI or CT scan can give more diagnostic information about total elimination of the cancer.

Radiation therapy can give approximately 8 months of remission on average.

If radical excision and/or MRI/CT Scan cannot be performed, than a herbal or holistic anti-cancer regimen may be warranted.

The following anti-cancer treatments show efficacy:
Bloodroot or Neoplasene,
The Chinese herbal formulas (available by prescription from Dr. Xie's Jing Tang Herbal Company): Stasis Breaker, Max's Formula, Wei Qi booster (and others),
Hoxsey Formula, Hoxsey Formula with Boneset,
Vitamins and minerals, especially the antioxidants and Vitamin D,;
Medicinal Mushroom Extracts,
Turmeric or Cumin, and many more.

Usually,  the most efficacious holistic treatment for cancer requires a regimen of many supplements, which work synergistically to achieve the treatment goal of remission.  

For more information about herbal supplements, and to receive a copy of the holistic cancer diet,  please contact Dr. Cheng at her office.
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