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post cataract surgery failed?

Our pug, Letty, had cataract surgery almost 3 weeks ago and had the other eye removed.  Letty is diabetic and developed full cataracts suddenly - the lost eye's retina detached before surgery could be performed.  We removed it because she was going under anyway for the other cataract and we did not want her to get glaucoma in the non-functioning eye..
Letty has had complications from the catarct surgery.  She is now on glaucoma preventative drops (Xalatan), as well as still on flurbiprofen drops, pred-g drops, and rimadyl pills. She only has about 10% vision in the eye due to fibrin and clots.  She has had one post surgery shot in the eye, TSA?, to breakdown clotting.
Is her vision likely to improve?  We are three weeks out and having an almost completely blind dog has been really stressful for her and for us.  The eye doctors still say there is a chance for improvement, but nothing has gone as they have said it would to date, so I have little confidence.  
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Dear Laura,

Sorry to hear things have not gone well for your little gal. I assume the doctor treating her is a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist (credential is DACVO).

In a case as complex and fraught with risk as this is, only a DACVO is likely to have the expertise and more importantly the multi-case clinical experience to make judgements about prognosis for vision in this one. If you have doubts, see another DACVO for a second opinion.

In my limited knowledge of this procedure and its potential adverse outcomes, it sounds like your doctor is doing what can be done: alleviating pain and inflammation, and giving the remaining eye a chance to heal. Once the clots and fibrin clear, it seems likely vision could improve, especially if pressure is controlled.

Good luck!

Dr G
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