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My maltese was diagnosed with the flu 1/17 and he was given antibiotics.  After 4 days he wasn't really improving so we took him back to the vet.  They did a full blood work up and added a second antibiotic.  4 days after that he really seemed to be improving and 95% back to normal, however, he is still not eating like he did and he has times where he "shivers" like a person would when they are cold.  Could these "shivers" be caused by the meds?
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Yes they could!  

Antibiotics are a life saver, but they can raise havoc with the gastrointestinal system.  

Please try supplementing your dog's diet with two weeks of Prostora, which is a prescription probiotic available at most veterinarian offices.  If your vet doesn't carry Prostora you can substitute an over the counter probiotic, such as Culterelle brand, or a good pediatric health food store brand.   The yogurt, Activia has live probiotics and may be effective.  

If the shivering is unrelated to the antibiotics, it could also be due to pain, such as spinal pain from disc disease.  
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