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uti or kidney stones?

For the past 3 weeks, our 12 yr old dog has been going out to urinate much more often than she used to. She squats for a long time to urinate, but nothing comes out. Sometimes a teaspoon of urine comes out. I caught some today and it looks somewhat cloudy. I asked my local vet how much it would cost to diagnose her condition. He said he would need to do an x-ray, urine test & blood test. It would cost $700-$800. My husband & I are both out of work, so we cannot pay this high price for a diagnosis. We love our dog very much & want to help her. I have Augmentin at home. Would it help if I give her 250 mg twice a day for 10 days? I have heard of these additional suppliments: vitamin c, acidophilis, apple cider vinegar & cranberry capsules. Would these be helpful?
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A urinalysis at out clinic costs $30.00.  An exam costs $60.00.   If we found crystals in the urinalysis we would recommend that your dog have an X-Ray of the bladder to determine if there were any bladder stones.  A Bladder X-Ray costs $90.00.  Blood work is probably a good idea for a dog of her age, but is more costly.  

When a client comes to my clinic I will make an estimate for all costs of procedure's that I recommend.  The client makes the decision as to what they would like to spend, of course.  I think that this procedure is typical of most veterinary clinic's these days.  Won't your vet allow you to just bring in a urine sample for urinalysis?

Anyhow, to answer your question:  Augmentin is very similar to Clavamox.  Augmentin can occasionally cause stomach upsets (vomiting and diarrhea).  The dose of Augmentin is all right for your dog.  All of the supplements you mention are good except the vinegar.  It would really be best to have a urinalysis performed though and treat under veterinary supervision.
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