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vomiting dog

My daschund seems very healthy. He licks a lot on everything, carpet, upholstery, people. he will eat anything off the floor inside or out. the vet says that hes perfectly healthy and updated on all shots. He has been waking up in the middle of the night vomiting on my bed. Only like once a month or so. Now i recognize the sound, wake up and hold his head over the trash. It's so gross and is now affecting my sleep. What going on with him?
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Your dachshund is now a senior citizen.  

It would be a good idea if your vet performed a senior blood profile that includes a thyroid test, and urinalysis, if it has not been done recently. A tick profile analysis would also be warranted, as would abdominal X-Rays.

Anemia can cause Pica, which is the licking (and eating) of non-food items, and,  anemia can be caused by tick diseases, tumors, and other infectious and non-infectious causes.

I recently had a patient whose only symptoms were licking bricks, and a cast iron stove, and vomiting occasionally.  She was anemic and I discovered a splenic tumor when I performed X-Rays.  She did very well after surgery and it turned out to be a benign tumor.
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