My chinchilla has started bending over and chewing on her female parts. Is this an indication of a UTI or some other infection?
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Yes.  It could be a sign of estrus (heat cycle) if she is not spayed, vaginal or uterine infection, or urinary tract infection.  

I would not wait on this.  Urinary tract problems in Chinchilla's can lead to urinary incontinence and urine scald which can be serious.  Please find an exotic specialist veterinarian in your area and take her in now!
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I just went and picked up a 3 month old chinchilla he smells awful he is messy underneath  no signs of diarea but smells like death and fur looks awful underneath PLEASE HELP WHAT IS THIS went and got medicine dri tail one place said it might be wet tail but the lady I got it from it was born like this
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