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I have a 3 month old rat who has been in a cage with 2 adult rats.  All males.  He has been fine and healthy, but the other day I noticed he acted funny.  Like he was weak and seemed to walk a little hunched.  Today I went to their cage to give them each a slice of apple and when he reached for it, he lost his grip and stumbled.  I got him out of his cage and he seems very dehydrated, his ears look white and he is extremely lethargic.  I tried to give him water but he wont drink.  I even put a drip near his mouth but he wont drink it.  I offered him a strawberry thinking they have water in them.  He nibbled a couple tiny bites and quit.  He is laying in my hand right now with his eyes completely closed.  I feel like he is going to die in my hand.  Is there anything I can do for him at this point?  Do you know what could have caused this so I know to watch the other 2 rats?  I feel so bad for him.  He was such a sweet little guy
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What ever has been brewing in your little guy has been going on a lot longer than you may have noticed.  There is a pecking order among most species,  and in order to hold his "rung on the pecking order ladder" an individual in a group will hide his symptoms of illness from the other members (and from predators) until the illness is deeply set in.  Therefore, since he was hiding his symptoms you may not have noticed, and it is no fault of yours.

He could have parasites, viral, or bacterial infections, and more, and as ireno has said it may be too late, but as peekawho has said, he deserves a chance so take him to he vet.

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I fear it may be too late. When an animal becomes that lethargic and non-responsive it usually means the end is near. Peek is right - if your little rat is still alive, he needs a fighting chance and a vet can help by doing subQ fluids and testing for illnesses. If he doesn't have bite wounds then I doubt the other males did him any harm. I'm guessing he got sick somehow or has a blockage (the hunched posture).
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He needs to go to a vet right away.  
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