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a few quick questions.

Hi how's i going? I have a few questions that I would-appreciate help with. I own a 130 pound 3.5 yr old great pyr. July of this yr he developed a ump that was concerning to me I took him to the vet and we decided to do a wait and see approach. Fast forward to now,and his lump has gotten signifficantally bigger and  other lumps have formed. I, in a panic, took him to the vet on friday.The vet aspirated his lump from july and said the other were harmless and too small to aspirate.
My questions are
1- When the vet did the aspiration he stuck his needle into the lump and said immediately that it was clear which he said was good. He then went into the back and 5 minutes later he said that the aspiration was also clear on the slide which means that it is 100 percent a cyst and that he wasnt even going to send the sample to the lab(he didnt charge us either). Is this correct that since it was clear it's just a benign harmless cyst?
2- if it;s a cyst why is it growing and itching him?
3- If you bump into a cyst hard enough will it turn it cancerous? I tripped on the floor and fell on him(not all my weight) but i stopped my fall with one of y hands and that hand banged hard against his cyst..would that anger the cyst and turn it cancerous?
4- are any lumps to small to aspirate and whe should i recheck this current one?
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A lot of great questions.
1. if the aspirate came back clear then I would be 99% sure it is benign.
2. even benign cysts can be irritating and cause itchiness as it is "annoying" to the patient.
3. Trauma will not cause a benign cyst to become cancerous so dont worry.
4. very small lumps are difficult to aspirate, I would be rechecking it every 3-6 months.
Remember though that you could ask your vet to remove them even though theyre benign, especially considering theyre causing some discomfort to your dog.
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i just felt his big cyst and its grown a LOT since friday is that normal?
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thanks so much for the answers.
he didnt send the aspiration to the lab not sure if i made that part clear..he dismissed it after seeing it was clear. He said he saw a tiny bit of grittiness when he aspirated the second time(first was clear and he was surprised so did a second) but on the slide it was clear and showed us.
that's good to know that benign cysts can also cause irritation.
So if hypothetically i took a bat and hit his cyst that wouldnt turn it cancerous( iwould never do that just curious lol)

so if trauma doesnt cause a  cyst to become cancerous what does(i ask because you said that i should have it rechecked)
thanks again ;)
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