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any cures for possible early pyometria, NON surg??

Our little Yorkie was acting lethargic 10 weeks post partum..  We had Pyometra in one of our other dogs a few years ago and the uteris had to be removed, but the pyo was not discovered until after severe infection.  This has not even shown up on xray (just a little gray) and we are waiting for the blood tests to return.  Bee is now acting normal after 2 days clavomox.  THE QUESTION IS: is there an alternate treatment to surgery, in the event she is positive, since this is in early stage??
   Thank you, Marshall
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I am glad that your dog had normal bloodwork.

Open pyometra's can be treated with medicine, and in or outpatient therapy (fluid therapy, etc, if necessary).  The fact that she is responding to Clavamox probably means that it is an open pyometra.

A closed pyometra usually requires surgery.  Pyometra is not a disease that can be transmitted from the environment.
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Hi!  We received the blood test results back and they were negative, but that does not mean little Bee (because her tail does not stop) is 100% clear.  So I still wish to know about possible alternnate treatments, in case she gets it.     I think the Pyo in our other Yorkie came from the studs house and she needs to know, since she has females also!
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