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my dog is dying help please...

My dog will not eat or drink hes moping around i think his tounge may be swollen, but he wont open his mouth. i took him to a vet yesterday they couldnt figure anything out, so they pumped him with water so he could drink. he was crying today when i hugged him... ive never seen a dog cry.. damn.
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My mini poodle Julie has Cushings Disease & is being treated with Trilostane...(her body has way too much protein).
She is on Hills KD & likes it now.  I was giving her Cream Cheese in order for her to take her pills..she hates pills.
Also, low fat Cottage Cheese as a "treat" at night...only 3 teaspoons.  I also gave her one hard boiled egg every day for many years for breakfast.   Now I give her only the egg white. No yolk.
My Vet said to take her off all dairy...her urine is full of protein. The Vet said to try Peanut Butter with her pills...she licks it a few times & walks away...thats useless.   This puts me in a big bind.

Cushings Disease reeks havock on her appetite & she is ALWAYS hungry & thirsty.  I just don't know what to give her.
I have just about stopped giving her people food..which I used to do alot.  I do give her boiled chicken & brown rice once in awhile. My Vet said thats okay...but not every day.
Does anyone know what what foods have NO Protein or LOW Protein that is good for dogs??
Are there any dog treats that are Protein Free or low Protein that is good for my Julie??  

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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Please take him to an emergency referral clinic that has board certified veterinary specialists ASAP for observation, and diagnosis.  Leave him there as long as is necessary to discover what is wrong with him, if possible.
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