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Moroccan cats

Anyone been to third world country ie like morocco and seen the atrocities that is soo many kittens in the streets ill sick and desperately in need to be fed?! I ended up sacrificing the entire holiday to feeding them daily morning lunch and evening, feeding cats WHERE EVER I saw them! It was so sad and difficult to see it. I swore to myself, that when I find the right partner, crew, as soon as I'm qualified vet nurse, I'm going there with a neutering team, with lots and lots of cat food etc to help these poor adorable creatures.

Any one experienced this sadness??
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Hi again,
I haven't been to a third world country like morocco, but judging from your
description of the terrible and extremely sad condition of the kittens in the streets I know myself as someone who loves and respects cats, this is an
extremely serious situation. You sound like the kindest person I have read
about in some time for feeding the cats as you say where ever you saw them. I think it's amazing that you want to study to become a vet nurse.
What a very noble job. I wish you the best of luck with your studies.
I saw a program recently on t.v. where a group of vet students and some vets went to Bangladesh. These people were interested in saving feral
dogs, neutering them and releasing them. I believe these dogs were
also vaccinated against rabies and then the dogs were given a red collar which signified they had been innoculated with a rabies shot. My husband
and I saw a program called Animal Housecalls where we learned about the program. Maybe a similar program could be started with kittens and cats.
What you describe, lola is heartbreaking.
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