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My Cat's Strange Behavior & Issues

My cat(I believe an American Shorthaired) has been acting strange for a while. Her stomach is large and droopy(And I KNOW that she isn't pregnant). And before we put her on a dietary kind of cat food, she peeing blood. She also has been throwing up lately. But only once or twice a week. I don't understand what's wrong with her.
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I hope you had her checked upby the vet and bleeding is not  good, it may be kidney problem, throwing up shows sigs of a problem maybe dietry ..Did you get her to the Vet?
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We've taken her to the vet a few times. My dad gave her urinary track infection and digestive system. And my mom thinks she may have a tumor on her stomach.
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What did the vet do and say, did he give her any meds ?
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Hello Parsney,
It sounds like you will need to take your cat back to your vet. If your cat is throwing up even 1 to 2 times a week, this shows there is a problem.
Why does your mom think your cat has a tumor on her stomach?
If your cat's stomach is large and droopy the reason for this needs to be investigated by a vet. What do you mean by " My dad gave her urinary
track infection and digestive system? " Do you mean, " my dad thinks it
is a urinary track infection?  Your cat needs to be seen by a vet. Peeing
blood is not normal and indicates a problem. She needs to be seen by a
vet as soon as possible. I don't know how old your cat is. I don't know the
name of your cat, so I can't use her name to talk about her. I go back
to the question " Why does your mom think your cat has a tumor on her
stomach? "  Your cat's symptoms means she needs to be seen by a
vet immediately, is my opinion. If she does have a urinary infection, she
needs medicine prescribed by a vet. People have pain when they have
a urinary infection. Animals feel pain too, of course, just like people.
Good luck with helping her to feel better. You need to talk her to a vet.
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