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Pepper's Story:

Pepper was put in rescue by her owner because of a life changing circumstance which causes her family to not have enough time to dedicate to her exercise and welfare needs. Pepper is not being surrendered due to her temperament or any bad habits, she is a very sweet dog that needs a new home only due to her owner's circumstances. Pepper is already in her second home since she was a puppy, so we are looking for her "Third Time's a Charm", this time it's forever home.

About Pepper:

Pepper has always had free run of the house and has never had a need to be kenneled. She currently lives on 1.5 acres and has been used to having enough room to run and exercise, so she has not been on a leash but only for groomer and vet visits, etc.  She is also a good car traveler.

Pepper is fine around other dogs for the most part. She does not appreciate young and energetic dogs that jump on her and bite her ears, but if the other dog behaves, she's fine. Pepper loves to be groomed, especially enjoying the brushing. She also loves to be gently petted and will put her head on your lap for as long as you pay attention.

Pepper loves human companionship but can be quiet and shy around new people. She needs a loving and gentle family that will give her as much love and attention as she has to give back. She needs a household where she can settle in and relax in her golden years. If you can provide Pepper with a good home, please contact us asap!

Please pass along to anyone you might know.
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