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addicted cat ?

My Tweety is crazy to eat treats all day long, she sits by the cupboard and looks at me, I do say no at times ...do they put stuff in the treats makes cats addicted to them ?She also has matted fur frrom rolling in the garden on the sandy soil, I do brush her but to no avail any ideas ?
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  Margy how about a little trim just on the underside where it gets matted? Other than keeping him im the house, but that would go over like a lead ballon, haha. My dog Rusty is addicted to his "cookies" to and lives to get them. Have a great day. I play scrabble all the time on Pogo.
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hahaah she has always been indoor /outdoor since she found me, but she really needs her treats ..I wondered what they put in them ..I am not good at games but scrabble is one I used to play with the kids.Hope you had a good Thanks giving I am looking forward to Christmas now
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