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missing my baby boy hazard

so i gess i just need to tell someone i had a rat terrior mixed dog this man had a dog and the dog i had at the time went and knocked his dog up well he breeds his terriors i think im spelling that wrong but any way he was mad so when his dong had puppys he didnt want wnything to do with them and they were just born well he got rid of two the very next day they were born and he was gonna kill the other one so i went and took him and bought fumula for puppys and boddle feed him till he was big enough to eat dog food that dong was my baby i loved him so much and he loved me to well one day i left my hazard witch is his name at my uncles and aunt and they are very nice people until i got back and found out jack broke my babys legs and put him in the pound man i looked in every pond for him and found out he got adopted i was and am sooooo destoyed i just want my baby back and ill never talk to that man again i hate this my babys gone and i cant do a single thing i just need help getting over all this pleasehelp
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Thats very sad I hope the man who did that to the pup was prosecuted
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