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what bug spray

I want to find a spray I can use for flying bugs outside/inside  ,but will not hurt my cat or any critters ,its for bugs like Mosquitoes, the flying things we dont want, but most sprays say not near animals , any ideas,I put this on the cat forum and some said use an etectronic sound , but I cant do that all over the garden yard and house , at least I dont think so .be glad to get some input ...
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I found one called Hot Shot its a Natural flying bug spray made from grapefriut oil , harmless to pets, I got it form Lowes ...thanks to all who may have posted here lol
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really i need to get that ... im starting to get those lil fruit flies inmy house!...driving me crazy!
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hey Turkee it kills flies dead but the smell isnt good ...still its harmless to pets ..and it works ...
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This is good to know.  We're always getting something in the house with kids leaving doors open.  Not to mention that one of my cats can open the screen doors.  I don't like spraying stuff in the house.
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yup they do one for crawling bugs aswell, like earwigs .. its got a lemony  grapefriuty smell.. I find earwigs all over the place ..its quite sickeningly facinating ..one at a time, I find one regular sitting in the tea towel or a pan ...i am told by everyone well you are now living in a 'rural' area  yup I sure am ..barking dogs aswell ...
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I missed this from before.  I remember Jerry Baker on PBS said to get your garden sprayer, like the one that comes with Miracle Grow (Just buy an extra one for this application and other tricks, tips and tonics that he suggests).  He talks about using lemon scented dish detergent and lemon scented ammonia.  I don't remember the proportions to add to the sprayer and mixed with water in the sprayer.  Then just spray this stuff in your yard and garden about an hour or so before you plan on having your evening outdoor activity and it will keep the mosquitos out of the radius where you sprayed that stuff.  They don't like citrus, plus the dish detergent gives bugs diarrhea.  They're too busy with that to bother your plants.

For in the house, like for fleas:  In the garden nursery section, buy a box of diatomaceous earth.  Just be sure to follow directions and be sure to wear a dust mask and keep the pets off of the carpeting for the prescribed amount of time (about an hour I believe).  It can be used in homes that have no carpeting, too.  It can placed in hidden out of the way places, like under the refrigerator and in the crevices of your stuffed furniture (It can be just left inside of the crevices if the pets don't typically disturb the furniture and cause the stuff to puff up into the air.).  When I used it the one time right after I moved in and had the first heat wave and started having fleas, I put it in some creative places where the cat never goes but the fleas might crawl into.  I have a shoe rack in the bottom of the closet that the cat doesn't disturb that I moved long enough to place the stuff under the shoe rack before returning it to its place.  I also put it UNDER her freshly washed bedding, since the only concern is just making sure the animals don't breathe the stuff in.  My kitty is an indoor only kitty, so once the fleas were all gone we haven't had any ever again.  Diatomaceous Earth is actually dried up microscopic sea animals that actually cuts fleas and desicates the fleas, larvae and egg stages better than any of those harmful pesticides and those drops that people put on the napes of the dog and cat necks to prevent fleas and ticks.

This stuff can even be placed in the cool damp areas outside where fleas and ticks typically hide out to get out of the sun.  These are typically the places where your pets also  like to spend time when outside to get out of the heat of the sun.  Nematodes can also be used in these areas, as they eat flea larvae and eggs.

There are other natural and non toxic things that you can use to get rid of or discourage pests around your home.  Jerry Baker talked about some cool things that simply encourage moles to leave your yard and go somewhere else that don't hurt the critters but just make them want to leave.  After all, moles aren't really there to tear up your yard or plants, they're only there to get the worms and grubs that are usually in healthy soil.  Most people don't like killing little mammals like this if they can get the critters to just move on to somewhere else, and the solutions he suggests are also environmentally friendly and very inexpensive.  I don't remember the exact way he suggested, but it involved finding the mole's runs and using hair (He's old and bald now, so he just goes to get the stuff from barber shops that they're only too glad to get rid of.) and I remember something about tabasco sauce and things like that that just irritate the senses and make the moles want to leave.  I'm sure you can Google it and find more exact instructions for this tip.

Anyway, I know the diatomaceous earth works.  I've been in the same apartment since that one incident we had fleas show up after the first early season heat wave and haven't had any here since.  Up to that point I had forgotten that the snobby woman who lived here prior to me who speaks English as a second language kept complaining about management not doing anything to get rid of the biting insects that she didn't know the name of.  She wouldn't accept that I was sure she was talking about fleas.  Well, if one isn't correct enough with the so-called management here, they will act ignorant and do nothing.  So, it was her own fault that she still had the flea problem, since she was too snobby to accept that fleas don't care if someone is clean or not.  I did a lot of research when I started noticing fleas after that first heat wave we had after I moved in.  Fleas can go on unhatched for years if the conditions aren't just right.  Well, the heat wave and the food source of human cat was all it took.  My friend told me about Flea Busters, and from there I did more research and learned about the flea cycle and which conditions caused fleas to be a problem and how to kill the little vermin effectively without toxic chemicals.  That's how I learned about Diatomaceous Earth.  From personal experience, I know it works.  It worked for us permanently, since my kitty is an indoor only kitty.  But, if you can destroy the outside population where your pets go, too, you can keep the little vampires from re-invading your home, too.
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