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hard lump normal a few days after spay?

my puppy was spayed on november 17 at the vet used by the rescue she came from, not my regular vet.  I tried to keep her as calm as possible and she has been wearing the "space-dog" cone.  This is my first time with a female dog that wasn't already spayed when I got her.  She weighs about 16.5 pounds.  I noticed yesterday a small lump at the suture site.  Tonight, it seems quite a bit larger, and is a hard lump.  I can't really tell if it's tender.  The first time I touched it, it seemed to bother her.  When I touched it again, she didn't seem to react.  Her eyes are also very bloodshot.  Is this urgent?  Should we go to emergency tonight?   or could this wait until tomorrow morning for our regular vet?  
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Good morning...first, let me say thanks for taking a rescue pup into your home and into your heart.   That is a very good thing!

As far as the lump at her incision site, it could certainly be a localized reaction to the suture material, or you might even be feeling the knot of suture material used by the surgeon at the rescue.

Is she still eating and drinking ok?   Is her demeanor attentive and happy?

If she still seems to be acting normal and eating/drinking ok, I don't think that this is an emergency situation, but you should still let your veterinarian take a look at her soon, especially if the lump continues to grow.  She may need to be "cage rested" so that she is not too active and cause more irritation to her incision area.

Good luck with your new best friend!
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