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Do I have some sort of eating disorder?

I recently had an ovarian cyst, since then I lost a lot of weight (almost 20 lbs.) I have no appetite, circles under my eyes, my hair is falling out, no period in the last month or month and a half.  Sleeping is not great and I am depressed. Thoughts?
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Dear Snoopy,

In order to determine whether you have an eating disorder or not, I would advise you to have a comprehensive evaluation by an eating disorder specialist.  The three vegetative signs of depression are sleep disturbance, change in appetite (for you a decrease in appetite) and decrease interest in previously enjoyed activities.  Individuals with eating disorders have co-occurring disorders, such as, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, trauma, alcohol or substance abuse, etc.   You report being depressed with rapid weight loss, loss of hair and recent loss of menses.  You have symptoms that could reflect criterion leading up to an eating disorder.  I would seek medical, psychiatric and psychological help now.  For more information on eating disorders, visit our website.  Take our free confidential female survey with instant results to explore whether you have an eating disorder.


Dr. Pitts

Patricia Pitts, PhD
The Bella Vita
Los Angeles, California
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are you eating?  are you binging and purging?
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eating a little, not binging or purging.  throwing up sometimes spontaneously, but never on purpose.
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Although most people with eating disorders do not recognize they have eating disorders, they do recognize the fact that all they think about is food.  IF you are a bulimic you often obsess about whether you will binge and then purge or when to purge.  If you have Anorexia, which might be what you are experiencing, you must be very preocupied with your body image, thinness, calories and constantly criticizing yourself based on your looks or personality etc.  So first ask yourself if you are preoccupied with food most of the time...then I suggest speaking to someone like a family member or a doctor.  
God bless
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