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Do you think I'm annorexic. And why doi feel full after one bite of food???

Ok well I was wondering should I be alarmed cuz most of the time when I eat I feel full after 1 or 2 bites. Could this be related to me hating my body     I did try starving my self for 2 days ot dident bother me at all the only reason I stoped is cuz read it slows your matabalizim down so I. The long run I would gain weight. But I started getting this feeling if being full after 1 bite befor I stoped eating for 2 days.

I am actualy kinda realy scared that I'm gonna gain weight cuz every girl in my family gains weight at my age or about a year ago. But I don't want to gain weight I allready feel fat. Even though I know I am at a helathy weight. I am 5 foot 10 and weigh 155 and want to weigh 132 cuz that's the lowest I can get and still be healthy. But I also want to be 6 foot. But anyways do you think I have an eating disorder???
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