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Doctor's Appointment

I haven't been to the doctor for YEARS. I swore them off because I kept getting "bad news" and I always felt like I could overcome my issues (mainly eating disorders over the past 8 years) on my own. Well, I've finally smartened up and made a doctor's appointment for when I return home from university for Christmas break. I was just wondering what sorts of tests you would suggest I ask for to determine my overall health. I'm mainly concerned about a few things: I have edema in my legs and feet, I have some pretty scary looking vericose/spider veins on my feet, I have abdominal pain and bloating the majority of the time, I've recently started experiencing chest pains, and since there's a history of type 2 diabetes in my family I'm concerned about that as well. But I'm not sure what tests to ask for...obviously a blood test. I guess I just need some advice on how to go into this appointment and be honest about the cause. I want to get an overall picture of where my health stands after all the abuse I've done to myself. Thanks!
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