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This is hard for me to come out and say, but I'm a 23 year old male who has an ED. I have suffered from Bulimia for almost 2 years now. I just got married to the love of my life, who I've been with for 6 years now. She's the best thing in my life, yet it's come to a point where she can't put up with my binge/purge episodes anymore.  I'm an athletic male, whos in shape, but has a problem with following a restrictive diet, which leads to a binge a purge episode about once a week, Tonight my wife decided to go stay at her sister's house.  We had gone out for drinks and the urges started to overcome me, and here I am, binging and sitting at the computer. I can't feel sorry for myself, and frankly, I don't know what to feel anymore.  I just need a little support or insight from anyone that has anything positive/negative to say, thanks.
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Dear JHand3,

I appreciate your courage to reach out for help.  Eating disorders impact 10 million Americans a year.  Of those 10 million, one million are men.  Male athletes are vulnerable to bulimia.  They often purge through vomiting or exercise to compensate for their binging behavior.

You have yourself, your marriage and a life worth living to fight for.  I would recommend that you seek an eating disorder psychotherapist in your area.  You also need to see a medical doctor, who is preferably an eating disorder expert, to address any possible medical concerns.  There are many forms of treatment from outpatient services to outpatient programs to residential to inpatient.

For further information on Bulimia, medical complications and treatment, visit our website
Dr. Pitts

Patricia Pitts, PhD
The Bella Vita
Los Angeles, California
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Thanks goodgardenpeas28, the only extent of professional treatment I've endured is a week in-patient hospitalization, and a few scatted appointments with group therapy and one on one sessions. Though they did deem some sort of help, I haven't been to anything of that caliber in about 9 months.  Though since then, the frequency of my episodes has drastically declined. It used to be an everyday endeavor for me, now it's about one a twice a week, which is once or twice a week too much.  I feel I have a substantial control over my urges, but there are times when I give in, and it feels like such a selfish act (usually when I'm alone for an extended period of time, or after a night of drinking). I appreciate your insight, and wish the best for you and your friend.  I'm confident that I can overcome my eating disorder as well!!

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One of my really good friends(male) also suffers from bulimia. Having gone through it myself the best thing i can suggest is finding professional help. For me day treatment programs didn't work but they can be really helpful. I went to a clinic for 5 mos and it changed my life. i definitely think that, for the sake of your marriage and your life, you should get professional help. An eating disorder is far to much to battle by oneself! and dont worry people overcome eating disorders all the time
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Does anybody know of any eating disorder treatment centres in Canada?  Private or not private.

Any inforamation would be appreciated.
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