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Is it time for treatment again?

I am 26 years old and have been anorexic/bulimic for the past 11 years.  I have been to 5 acute inpatient units specifically for E.D.s, 2 residential treatment centers, and several intensive outpatient programs.  I do currently have a full treatment team (therapist, dietitian, psychiatrist, med doctor), and I am at a low-normal weight around 85% IBW.  Having been pushed to treatment several times by my treatment team, I feel as though this is the one issue that I cannot trust their judgment on.  I am a graduate student finishing up my last year of my MSW degree.  During the past several months, I have become weight loss focused and have begun to really struggle with body image.  I have begun to weigh myself again and have cut my meal plan down by eliminating all of my snacks and fats as well as some of the carbohydrates except for fruits and vegetables and the occasional milk carb from yogurt.  

I am not losing weight as quickly as I have in the past... I'm assuming because my body knows this game and is becoming wiser to the challenge I've presented it.  I have lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks which is slow considering my height of 5'9".  I won't post my exact weight, but I assume that anyone who understands the process of calculating IBW can figure out that is really not much.  Also, other than low blood pressure and pulse, I have very few medical complications.  I do have amenorrhea, but that is not something that is new.  

My treatment team is once again pushing inpatient treatment (my psychiatrist is the director of an inpatient unit) in order to "stop the weight loss."  They are saying that it needs to be stopped before it goes any farther.  If I go to treatment, I will lose graduate school and all of the hard work I have put in up to this point.  

My question is, does this scenario actually sound like I need inpatient treatment or should I challenge my outpatient team.  
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