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Recovering anorexic? + Can this be a Relapse?

I was anorexic for about 15 years from my teens through my 20s.  I have been okay, for the most, for the 5-7 years.  Over the past 3-4 months I have been experiencing pretty intense stomach pains and almost constant nausea.  My doctors are trying to narrow down the cause so far, they have ruled out a lot but no definitive answer.  I guess my question is: Because of the pain throughout the day and, specifically, the terrible bloating, nausea, vomitting, and pain after eating I have been going days without eating and may have a Vitamin water for the nutrients instead.  Also, I do not get the hugry sensation anymore.  Can this cause me to revert to my ED days?  I catch myself feeling good about dropping numbers on the scale -I was a healthy weight - so I was told - before all of this - 135 and 5'7".  I am down 15 pounds since mid-May.  

I thought that all of this was behind me - is questionning this a good thing?  I do not know what to do right now - I know that I am frustrated by my physical problems and need to end a long distance relationship that is just not working for me but I am handling those issues.  I guess I need some direction.  Thanks.
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