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Why is treatment so costly?!

My name is Aimee and im almost 27yrs old. I have struggled with an eating disorder of some form for almost 8yrs.
My weight has changed to MANY extremes and I am tired. I am battling bulimia hard now and restricting on occasion because of it and I have a pacemaker. Im sick of getting my hopes up for finding a residential treatment that is affordable. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. I am at the end of my road. I dont feel like my heart can take anymore of this.
Thanks for your help.
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Dear Aimee,

I’m sorry to hear of your longstanding battle with eating disorders.  Due to heart issues, inpatient treatment could be a better choice of treatment over a residential treatment center.  Close medical monitoring may be indicated.  

As you stated, treatment can be quite costly; yet there are ways to decrease your costs.  If you have health insurance, you could negotiate with the hospital on your portion.  With health insurance and if medically stable, you could negotiate your portion with the residential center or you may be able to do transitional living with a partial hospitalization program.   If you have medicare, there are a few programs that cover medicare.  Unfortunately, I am unaware of charity beds for eating disorder.

For more information on levels of care for eating disorder treatment, visit the bella vita website.


Dr Patricia Pitts
The Bella Vita
Los Angeles, CA

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