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anorexic and spitting up after eating - whats going on?

my friend was anorexic two years ago to the stage where she stopped having periods, i thought she had improved but recently every new person i meet who knows nothing about her past passes comment on how thin she is without me saying anything that could prompt it, and although im sure she is still having periods at the moment she has been spitting up just a mouthful of vomit uncontrollably into whatever glass or cup is closest to her pretty much every time she finishes a proper meal. this has been going on for quite some time now, about 6 months, is this spitting up after eating related to the anorexia or something completely unrelated? and if it has been caused by anorexia how has this happened and what complications could this cause?
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im sorry to say but it will be related to her anorexia ... and has anything happened in her life to make her feel out of control or anything like that?

because anorexia is about being in control

she maybe doing this because people have stopped her from starving herself so she feels that this could be another way.

im not that sure about the complications though sorry

im 16 and have had anorexia for about 4 years .... trying to recover on my own and its working aswell :)

so if you would like anymore information about it or just some advice you can email me or something

hope i helped x
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