i cant stop eating im overweight at the moment and its devasteating my life.
im constanly in a state of paranoia at all times even when i loose weight.
its got to the point food is on my mind 24/7 whether im over eating or starving myself, food dominates my mind.
I cant stand people looking at me whether its peolpe i know or strangers and im worried about this as im going to collage next week and yesterday i sufferd a panic attack because of the amount of people at the collage what am i gonna do every da i fight a battle with food and it just keeps winning every time. im really scared.
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Dear Angel Baby,

Feeling out of control with eating is one of the worst feelings there is.  The more upset you are about eating and then hard on yourself for eating, the more food, weight and appearance will dominate your thoughts.  The more upset, the more you eat.  This is a vicious cycle that can be broken.  Also high anxiety and panic attacks, which are common with those who suffer with food disorders, can be successfully addressed.

I would recommend that you go to your college counseling department.  I would schedule to talk to one of their counselors.  I would also ask what services they have on campus to support your needs.

For further information on Binge Eating Disorder, visit our website.

Dr. Pitts

Patricia Pitts, PhD
The Bella Vita
Los Angeles, California
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thank you

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