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swollen salivary glands/ "chipmunkl cheaks"- how long does it last?

I have struggles with bulimia for the past 7 months. I am getting professional help but still cant help binging/ purging. The past few weeks however have been rough and i've been binging/purging multiple times a day. I noticed a few days ago that my cheeks, near my ears, are swollen. It scared the **** out of me and I havent pinged/ purged for the past 2 days. I am just wondering how long it takes to go away if i do not continue to binge/purge from 2 days ago on. I sincerely do not want to suffer the consequences of my eating disorder any longer. I want to beat this monster that has so forcefuly taken over my body and mind.

How long before the chipmunk cheeks go away?
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