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Do I have an eating disorder?

I dont know if this is anorexia or not... In a week I will starve myself for 4 days, binge for 2 and eat normal for maybe 1... It goes thru stages, I will eat normal then starve, then binge, then starve... Sometimes I will go without food for a couple of days, and other times i just eat and eat and eat... I do worry about my weight a lot, and when i do groceries, i look how much fat is in things, and buy low fat and fat free everything... I do still eat fast food, and fattening things, but that is only on the binge days... I have been thinking for the past little while that I must have an eating dosorder, but I dont know what to classify it as... Does someone know what this problem is?
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Another good site to find out if you have an ed and to give you info on it is
somethingfishy.org. To me it sound like bulimia (non-purge type), but i'm not a doctor.
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I was looking through other posts after I posted mine, and noticed you suggested that site to others... I looked through it, and I am pretty sure i am the non-purge type bulimic... I couldn't find the survey.. I was hoping there was a site that u can check off what your problems are so they can give ideas of whats going on.. I really dont like going to the doctors, i feel like anytime I tell any doctor what is going on, they blame it on me being bipolar... So I started trying to figure out what is wrong for myself... Thank you for your help.
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Dear jaimeinottawa,

To determine if you have anorexia, you would need a full evaluation.  Visit the bella vita website and take our eating disorder survey.  While you are there read on anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder.  

Restricting to compensate for bingeing can be a form of bulimia, nonpurging type.  In any event, your eating behaviors and obsession with low fat/fat free foods are eating disorder symptoms.


Dr Patricia Pitts
The Bella Vita
Los Angeles, CA
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i thought I should add that i do not purge... but i was bulimic about 6 years ago... I am also bipolar, but I am not on any medication for it
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