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Hi umm need your opinions?

Hi, umm need your opinions please?
im pauline, and it really took me a lot of courage to post this question, i usually just surf the net and read patients with ED and their struggles,
one fact im know and sure is that i have an eating disorder, but im not really that sure what categorizes it,

if i've started out to be a restricting anorexic for 6 months
(meaning counting calories and excercising like mad) then suddenly eats then finally turned into binging and purging habits 3 weeks consecutive in 1 month then suddenly restricts again, then somehow i've develop the feeling and "urge" to eat a lot then throws up and i've been fighting very hard everyday to control that urge thing to eat,

however, if i won from that urge i would restrict myself so much and go into starvation mode, to make it short: my current eating habits in a week is that i binge and purge in 2 or 3 days consecutive then starve myself in the rest of the week,

what kind of eating disorder do i have?
im underweight but not in 15% to be considered as anorexic, so does that mean im bulimic? or an anorexic(the type of purging anorexic?)
i also use laxatives, i take 3 spontaneously, then lack of sleep. there is also a time that i didnt menstruate for 4 consecutive months, when i puke one night i saw blood in it and it really scares me, but after a week im still continuing it, if im not binging i only eat **** things like candies for a day, im scared to eat a full meal,

please bear with me and don't think negative of me or my habit although i know it's bad, and i want to break it, it's not easy and it will not help or nothing will still happen with those giving simple tips like: eat healthy, stop restricting and blah , blah, sorry if i sound rude, i guess im a little stressed out,

please do give your opinions, it'll help alot! thank you very much!
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Dear pauna,

Thank you for having the courage to post this question.  From what you are telling me your diagnosis would most likely be bulimia.  Binging would need to be large amounts in an uncontrollable fashion with purging for the past 3 months.  

In any event, you are struggling with a life threatening eating disorder.  As you are well aware, it’s never as easy as telling someone to stop restricting, stop purging, eat three meals a day, etc.  Bulimia is a complex disorder and must be treated from a genetic, psychological, relational, cultural and spiritual perspective.  I would encourage you to seek medical and psychological help from eating disorder specialists.

To learn more about anorexia and bulimia with treatment options, visit the bella vita website.


Dr Patricia Pitts
The Bella Vita
Los Angeles, CA

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Hello there

I think it's great that you posted, and you should be really proud of yourself for doing so. There is not just one or two types of eating disorders. I mean, in school or whatever they might teach that there are two/three MAIN types of eating disorders...anorexia, bulimia, coe, but really there are sooo many different types and nobody's habits are EXACTLY alike. I am not a doctor, though one day I hope to be =) but I would say you would be diagnosed EDNOS if you say you aren't considered anorexic purging subtype, or I guess you could possibly be bulimarexic. Really though, I wouldn't let yourself get hung up on diagnoses if I were you. That's my personal opinion though. Labeling can be dangerous.

I absolutely do not think negatively of you. I can actually relate to you a whole, whole lot. Even the behaviors I might not be actively engaging in right this second, I have at one point in my life, or am now. I really relate to you a lot. I definitely understand what you're saying as well.....giving tips doesn't help. People can most definitely offer help to one another but you are exactly right that saying "eat healthy" isn't going to do a darn thing! =) How can I help you?
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