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How can I recover away from home?

I'm having a very tough time at college. I have been trying to recover from Anorexia for over a year. I was doing well at home. I was making my own foods and increasing my calories. I moved away for college and I want to go home. I'm doing much worse than before. I cannot make my own food since I live in a dorm and I always feel tired because I can't sleep right, my bones and joints ache, I get dizzy, urinate frequently, and feel very full after I eat anything. I cannot go home because I don't think Anorexia will count as a medical withdrawal from my classes, but I feel like I cannot improve here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Dear Meg34,

You can go home.  Colleges honor Anorexia as a medical withdrawal.  With your current symptoms, you need support.  You probably need an eating disorder treatment program:  outpatient day treatment, residential treatment or possibly inpatient treatment.  Go to your campus’ health center for your physical symptoms.  Ask to speak with a counselor at school who has experience with eating disorders.  The health center and counselor can help assist you to get the proper treatment.

Visit the bella vita website to learn more about Anorexia and different treatment options.  


Dr Patricia Pitts
The Bella Vita
Los Angeles, CA
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bulimia counted as a medical withdrawl for me... but if you cant find a therapist or guidance counselor you can talk to get a nutritionist, and see if there are any groups on your campus you can go to for eating disorders best of luck!
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