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good meal plan

is this a good meal plan when for recovering from anorexia

breakfast: cerales and a cup of tea

lunch: sandwichs with crsip or crackers and a bag of mini biscuits

dinner: chicken nuggets baked beans and a waffel

also i have about one cup of hot milk about after breakfast and last thing at night
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Dear jon345,

I am a psychologist, not a registered dietitian.  What I do know is The Bella Vita’s registered dietitian would need to do a thorough nutritional and exercise history.  As part of that process, she would need to know your height, weight and recent eating habits.  If you have been highly restricting, she may need to put you on a refeeding protocol to help your body adjust to food intake.  She would begin with fewer calories and slowly increase over days and weeks.  She would focus on a balanced nutritional food plan with your food preferences and likes in mind for each meal and snacks.  Eventually, the appropriate amount of food and nutrients would be necessary to help your body restore to its natural weight range.

For more information on anorexia, visit the bella vita website.

Dr Patricia Pitts
The Bella Vita
Los Angeles, CA
Woodland Hills, CA

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I was thinking the opposite. I was thinking that it's not a lot of food for someone in recovery as when you are in recovery your body actually typically needs more food in order to restore. I am concerned but proud of you if this is what you can get in within a day's period.
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wow thats a lot of food for recovering from anorexia.... I wish I coluld eat that much food in a day o_o How long have u been recovering?
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