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Anxiety Attacks ?

I worry about everything . Death is one of it . I don't know what to do . I feel as though I am going to lose my mind . I am not like how I was before . I am wondering what can I do to help me feel better without the help of a shrink ? . :(
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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I know exactly how you feel. You are not alone. I can't stop the constant worrying about school, work, my health, my future etc. I've been like this for 11 weeks now. And yes I've even thought that I maybe going crazy and might end up in some sort of an insane asylum but I can assure you that that is not the case for us. I've been told by professionals that that is a typical thought. Everyday I wake up and try to stop the thoughts but I cant sometimes, I think this is what's happening to you too. I try exercising, breathing techniques and I tell myself affirmations in order to help myself. They do help me. I hear that the more I practice using them the more they will help, so they help more and more with time. =]

Affirmations are things like, "I am progressing" " I have improved"

And the breathing technique I use is that I breath through my nose while sitting/lying down and I take in as much air as I can. I hold it for about a second and I very slowly let it out through my nose. The exhale should be about twice as long as the inhale. I do this about 10-15 times per session.

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Talking about it helps a lot.  Posting here and sharing helps to get the emotional build-up to subside quite a bit.  Through-out the years of dealing with this habit, I find things that are a distraction to the cycles of worried thoughts.

Bought a camera and have been playing around with that.., hard to worry about anything when fiddling with the settings on the camera and trying to figure out what to take pictures of.  Plus, provides a distraction when having to travel elsewhere, too.  

Now, instead of having to make it a chore to drive or travel anywhere, I have a purpose of my own.  As I travel along, I am looking at everything that might make a good picture.

Looking for things to take pictures of wherever I go and mentally running through the possible settings required to get a picture of whatever the subject matter might be, and sometimes, am able to over-ride my worries and actually get out of the house and get the pictures of what I want.  

Every time I do become inspired to make the trip to get a snap-shot, and do it, does increase my confidence with the fact that if I REALLY want to do something, I can, and each little success leads to further successes.  

I also use guided meditation CD's.  This way, in a way, somebody else is doing the thinking for me...and when the patterns and/or cycles of starts, the voice on the CD provides a good way to snap myself out of the pattern and listen to something other than my own thoughts.

And I do the same as metalfan1...whatever you can find that works in re-programming the mind to not necessarily dismiss the thoughts out-right, but to acknowledge them, then find a way to move off of them with anything that provides an avenue of distraction into areas that you like.

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