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Was this a very serious anxiety attack?

I've smoked marijuana for 10 years haven't gone more than 3 days without a smoke

Never had anxiety from smoking or really in any situation

I am kind a nervous person but I deal with it pretty well

I took 2 hits out of a bong (not even big ones just less than moderate i'd say)

10 minutes later i'm walking around and my heart rate is completely jacked.  I went and sat down next to my friend and it started beating unbelievably hard and so dang fast I said "Wow I think i'm having a heart attack"

My brother and friend assume it was anxiety...I kinda know what anxiety is

My left arm wen numb and all my muscles started seizing up and I was twitching really bad.  I took 1.5 klonopin pills and I guess it kind of helped

My friend tried to check my pulse and grabbed my arm and told me to relax but my arm I thought was completely relaxed but it was super tense

it was pretty scary and I was pretty sure I was going to die....this happened last night.  Right now my resting heart rate is at 96 BPM and that's normal it usually beats high even over 100 so I feel good about 96

last night i'd be willing to bet it was over 200 and it started to feel like the top part of my half was not beating properly with the bottom half.  What I mean is the top half would beat, then the bottom half would beat after that and I could feel it extremely well

I'm 27 years old and around 125 lbs and male so yes I am very light and 5'7.5 on the nose
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