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Frankly, head feels like a rotten apple 24/7 since June 2002!

Suffered from anxiety disorder from March 2002 to late May 2002.  Distorted thinking took over me on June 1st 2002 at about 11.20 pm.  Suffered with distorted thinking for a further two weeks!  Then, on Saturday the 15th of June 2002, an evil Jekyll and Hyde character took over me by force - thoughts to become a super foe of the universe!  Psychiatrist told me: "I don't understand you, I will have to let you go now."  Gradually, the rotten apple head syndrome took over me - a toxic, poisonous form of tiredness so irritable!  AND I HAVE BEEN SUFFERING LIKE THIS FOR OVER 17 ROTTEN YEARS NOW!!  I can only work part time because of my afflictions!  Please help!
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Huh?  Hard to understand.  If this is true, your psychiatrist would not have acted as you said -- psychiatrists don't understand anyone, if they did nobody would have mental illness, they would all be cured.  If what you're staying is true, either you have a physiological problem causing this or your time to develop mental illness arrived -- it's kind of like that.  But again, this all sounds a bit odd, so if this is real stuff, more info would be helpful, such as what you've done to discover what's going on.  
To describe my illness in complete detail - Head feels rotten, as if poisonous chemicals are circulating all over my forehead's blood vessels, as well as my eyes's sockets's bones.
Would you say that maybe in other words you're trying to describe 'Brain Fog"?  Or is this 'feeling' something else altogether?
I assume you've been to doctors about this.  Chronic fatigue syndrome comes to mind.  Bad reaction to medication or side effects of medication comes to mind.  But still, the words you use to describe it could just mean you use colorful language, which is great, or something pretty serious is going on mentally.  No way for us to know, of course.
Paradise...I notice you have the 'Head and Traumatic Brain Injury' on your list of communities.  Were you in an accident back in 2002?  Do you have a TBI?
Never had an accident. I wrote to many departments because I need help.  Feels like poisonous chemicals have been injected into my skull - the eyes sockets bones and forehead bone.
Best description yet? Chronic fatigue syndrome of my eyes sockets bones and forehead bone.
Did you happen to have any major dental work back then?  Or even Any dental work?  For some (and me), dental work can lead to TMD (Temporalmandibular Disorder or TMJ).  The misalignment of ones jaw can wreck havoc not only in your jaw, but face, neck and your entire body.  Like you, I have pain and fatigue in my eye sockets and forehead.  There is a pulling sensation of tendons and muscles below my ears down to my jaw.  My head feels like a balloon at all times which makes me feel hazy in my thinking.  I have developed severe peripheral neuropathy which I Know is connected to it all.  

If any of this sounds like what you're going through,  google TMD/TMJ.  Find some forums dedicated to this subject only and read what others have to say.  I came across some forums quite a few years ago.  Everyone was describing exactly how I felt.  If anything, it was good to have a name for why I feel so Bizarre.  And btw, regular Dr's have no idea what this is, and Will brush you off, so see your dentist.  Maybe you have TMD, maybe you don't, but at least that might be a start to a possible diagnosis.    

The above is really right.  You don't even have to have full-fledged TMJ or TMD to get problems from a bad dentist.  There's a nerve that goes around the jaw area and into where you're hurting that dentists and oral surgeons and endodontists can irritate.  Some dentists attribute everything to a bad bite and drill on your teeth so much your whole mouth goes out of balance.  Been there and done that.  But I'm still saying, either you use very flowery language or you're describing an emotional problem and you need to figure it out one way or the other.  Peace.
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Not really sure what is going on.  I would say that you can go to another psychiatrist at this point and share with them the evil force that overtook you.  When was the last time that happened do you think? And now your head chronically feels 'strange', "weird" or what exactly.  I think of rotten apples as sinking in and becoming distorted looking with a sweet smell.  :>)  what exactly do you mean by it?  
Rotten apple head syndrome.  Head feels tired 24/7.  But not the normal form of tiredness as you know it.  Feels like a Nazi officer had injected poison into my skull's blood vessels.  A strange, toxic, poisonous, irritable form of tiredness that never leaves you.
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