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Anyone think there’s something wrong physically everyday?

I’m going nuts with thoughts of something being physically wrong with me everyday. One day my ear hurts, that gets better and then there’s a sore spot on my calf muscle and the list goes on. I’m so frustrated with myself. I try to distract my self but when something hurts or feels off I cannot think of anything else. Help anyone?!
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So, you have a lot of aches and pains?  Do you think this is anxiety related? How old are you? Truly, sometimes I think I'm falling apart as I age.  My son is really sensitive and feels everything if he is focused on his body.  You are exactly right.  He gets busy and forgets about it.  But we'll talk more, share some more details to help!
When I am anxious I get aches and pains. It’s usually in  my shoulder area. Guess I’m always tense. I’m find that I always look for something to be wrong. I’m 47 in case you are wondering. I just want it to stop. I want to worry like a normal person would worry. Distraction does help sometimes. Thanks for responding!
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I am very much like this, but I am old and have a lot of things wrong with me.  But keep in mind, there's a difference between having a problem and being so bothered by having a problem it gets in the way of your life.  The latter is an anxiety disorder.  The former is what happens to everyone in life.  
My anxious thoughts definitely get in the way of my life. It’s horrible. I’m trying to find a good CBT therapist unless you have any other ideas?
That's a good start.  I'd also look into meditation, it's not only relaxing but invigorating when you're done if it works for you.  Do you move?  Movement can be good for aches and pains if it's not from an injury.  Sitting around a lot can make your body stiff.
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constantly for me, yes. i really feel it's all anxiety related. especially now with all the COVID stuff going around and being cooped up in the house. none of us are living our normal anymore, so that can cause these "aches and pains" to come up as well.
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My condition also worsened after this pandemic. My whole body hurts, I think it's due to stress.
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