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Worse on Lexapro??? Advice Please!!!

I just posted about 'When does Lexapro start working?" but after tonight, I think I am gonna quit-it's been a week at 5mg. I didn't workout tonight as was pretty tired and my husband was at work.....my God, it was awful LONG LONG night. Normally, I love being alone.......but it was just awful, fear, loneliness weird thoughts. I tried to take 10mg at the beginning but threw up and had a massive headache.

I was getting panic attacks outside but didn't feel this bad at home........
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For me, it took about 3-4 weeks for the side effects to essentially go away with similar medication.  Remember, that you are already in a state of anxiety and you are already probably nervous about taking it.  Having said that, ensure you talk to your doctor about this.  Sometimes it is a little trial and error to find out which medicaiton is a good fit for you.  What is good for some people is not for others...just ensure you are doing this under the advice of your prescribing doctor and not 'self-dosing.'  Please keep us posted!
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I takes more than one week for it to help you, dont go off it now, your just at the point when it will start to kick it, if after 2 weeks you feel the same i would go off them.. (slowly not all at once...) i no its scary and doesn't make any sense for it to be worse but it is like that when you first start, when i started lexapro it happened to me to, and when i upped my dose it happened again, that is normal... hang in there...
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When I asked my doctor if Lexapro made you put on weight, he got a giant reference book out to check? Keeping in mind he had Lexapro pens, notepads, samples all over his office! Even I knew this was one of the side effects! If you followed doctors orders we would all be drugged up to high heaven.
I think take a little of what they tell you coupled with tidbits from this site and people you know is the best way to go.
Also, on this pill my stomach does massive flips all day long, I'm losing weight too.I don't think I can take another day like yesterday though.
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i wouldn't give up unless you just can't tolerate the side effects.  I'm on celexa and it took me 6 to 8 weeks before I got the full benefit.  After week 1, I felt nothing...just drowsy, lots of yawning, and dry mouth.  Weeks 2 - 4 were about the same.  

I went to my MD and told them I didn't think it was working.  They urged me to try another week saying that each medicine had the potential of similar side effects.  I hung in and started to feel better.

You can do it.  Just knowing you will feel better will help!  You will get better!
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I think the worse part is that I feel manic at home, not relaxed, however, I am doing better outside which was a big problem for me. At home, it's like I am on some kind of class A drug, the walls are coming in on me.

I'm not sure what's worse....Panic attacks outside or crazy at home?
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hey, i feel just the same, i feel like im on speed or something (not that i have ever had that lol) i no it is unsettling but to be honest, i would rather go nuts having tons of energy at home than have to go through one more panic attack in a shop! i have so much energy im even twitching my legs when i am sitting, i jump around and do house work or clean or what ever, honestly if thats a "symptom" i'll take that any day, panic attacks are INFINITELY worse than this so if it helps you outside then just put all that class A energy into something useful like i do, do some gardening? :)
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