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1 mg xanax

Hi im have been taking Xanax for over a year. I uset to be a methadone attic for 3 years before hand (before that a herion attic). Atfer I got off methadone i was 100% clean for about 7 months but when i found a way to get somthing for my anxiety on a regular basis without doctors (wich never went away after the methadone) i went ahead and did so reguardless of knowing exactly what i was doing i was desperate for my anxiety to go away. I have alot of propanorol 20 mg to detox with any suggestions on how long or how bad all feel? I mean is 1 mg for a year really just as bad as a full bar a day that most people take or even more? i already feelin anxious.
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1mg is not very much. If it is not extended release, I would cut them in half and do that every day for a couple of weeks, and then try to stop taking them. If you stop cold turkey and detox, it will increase chance of seizure and withdrawal effects. You will feel nervous for a while, have you looked into a daily SSRI or SNRI for anxiety? It is a much better way to go than xanax for long term, and not addictive.
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I refuse to take ssri or anti depresents i have taken the all my life. are you saying im likly to get a seziure off 1 mg? even with propanorol? i take the green round xanax i do think they are extended relese because i was taking blue ones that act faster and are 2 mgs but i stoped those a week ago. more info please and thankyou!
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This probably won't be much use since I don't know anything about methadone.  I agree with cutting the xanex apart, but if they are control release (long acting) that will affect the medication itself.  I would say that a lot of your anxiety is caused by the thought of not using.  That's a huge change.  I'm a smoker (cigarettes) and seriously just the thought of quitting can give me a panic attack.  I take propranolol and I am confused on how that helps with the detox of the xanex.  Could you explain that part to me?  I don't mean to be nosey, but propranolol isn't a drug you can just start and stop cold turkey either.
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I take about 2.5mg of Xanax a day for my anxiety. I've never really been addicted to anything. I've dabbled in my share of weed and psychedelics. I'm still a user of pot. But, I can say that I have never became addicted to Xanax no matter what kind of hype it has been given. I could take it one day and not take it the next. I don't know if it's just my laziness or brain power over it. Maybe you have a more addictive personality than I do.
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